Round Top Curved Template

Making your template could not be easier, use the diagram shown below and fill in the required boxes or make a wallpaper one yourself.

To do this:

  • Place the wallpaper on the floor on the bay as if fitting a carpet and cut along the skirting board or plasterline.
  • Always check after for accuracy once trimmed, then post to us stating the size required.
  • We also angle radiators, however we only accept wallpaper templates for this type.
  • Templates for angling must state whether the template is taken to the skirting board or plasterline.
  • If skirting board then please write the thickness on the template.

Cru-Curved Template

When placing orders for Cru-Curved column radiators please indicate the following:

• One of the following radius of curvature: internal / external radiator radius or internal / external wall radius.
• The height and length of the radiator required.
• The length of the radiator is measured in sections with each section being 45mm.

Construction limits for CRU Column Curved radiators are as follows:
• For Cru-4 the average radius cannot be less than 1.3 metres
• For Cru-2 / 3 the average radius cannot be less than 1 metre
• For Cru-2 /3 / 4 the “a” maximum angle possible is 1800


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